You want to feel closer, but...

You can’t seem to get past triggering each other.  

How can you reconnect at a deeper level?


The root problem is negative relationship conditioning from the past. Nobody taught us how to be skillful in love relationships, and the education we got from watching others as we grew up gave most of us extremely unhealthy relationship templates. Meanwhile, society’s commercialized images of love keep us comparing our real relationships with impossible ideals. Also, society generally values rationality while repressing feelings, directly inhibiting connection and intimacy. 

Our solution is to educate couples to become healing partners, so they can help each other heal the past, enjoy love and intimacy in the present, and build a fulfilling future together. Let us show you how to meet each other at a whole new level. 

Relationship Coaching

We understand the challenges couples go through in trying to stay connected. We’ve had our own challenges and discovered ways any couple can use to get under the repeating patterns of triggering and disconnecting. We work together with couples, bringing both the masculine and feminine perspective. 

Why our approach works

In our two decades of relationship coaching, we’ve discovered dozens of key approaches that help couples transform their love relationships organically by going to the root causes and healing them. We also take a radically holistic approach that includes consciousness, uniqueness, mind, emotions, and body to build healthy relationships.


Having worked their own process to the bone, Ted and Hillary are relationship masters who deeply understood our lifelong patterns of reacting and distancing. They taught us ways of being genuinely caring about our impact on each other that have turned our crummiest interactions into sacred ones. We’re learning to embrace what we previously thought was unacceptable, and it’s made us feel much closer and more trusting in a very short time. 


Thank you both for facilitating such healing and growth for us in such a short amount of time. We are both beyond grateful and couldn’t be happier with the way we are progressing as a couple.


We’ve tried dozens of couples therapy sessions in the past, but after a short series of sessions with Ted and Hillary, our whole relationship dynamic changed. We started really listening to each other and getting each other’s reality as never before. We started honoring our differences, expressing disagreements, asking for support, and helping each other heal past traumas. It’s hard to express how much happier we are together since our work with Ted and Hillary. 


Ted & Hillary gave us excellent practical advice and words of wisdom. While working with them, we felt steeped in their transmission of conscious relationship. They helped us discover and nurture the relationship as a third entity beyond the two of us individually. We’re learning to ask the relationship what it needs. Whatever stage you’re at in your relationship, we highly recommend spending time with Ted & Hillary!


We’ve gotten so much from working with Ted and Hillary. We’ve taken several courses for improving our communications, but Ted and Hillary offer so much more than communication skills, and as a result our relationship changed in a much deeper way. It has helped me to notice when I’m not saying what’s going on with me and explore why that was. Once I recognized that, I felt freer to speak my truth and it was okay if my truth wasn’t his truth — that was very freeing for both of us. We both grew to be curious about our own and each other’s perspective. We began to understand each other better because we were actually telling each other how we were feeling, and we began to understand ourselves better. We grew more intimate with each other and ourselves. Much thanks and love to Ted and Hillary for this wonderful experience that continually changes our lives.

Kathleen Lane

The workshop has been just what I needed for reconfiguring my deep wounding and conditioning around relationships. Ted and Hillary are very insightful and clear in linking the practices/assignments to universal and personal needs for healing, nourishing, and safe intimacy. I’m deeply grateful.

Marti Buck

About Ted and Hillary

We have been exploring healing and awakening our full potential together since 1995, and have been married for 25 years. Our relationship began with a simple, clear agreement: We are committed to finding ways to speak and live our truth, no matter what the consequences for the relationship. We knew that if we couldn’t live our truth, the relationship would not be worth it. That commitment drove us to explore the depths of love relationships and how to heal the negative conditioning that ultimately ruins most attempts at long term intimacy. It also led us to discover the meaning of living in flow together. It’s a way of being that grows naturally as a consequence of healing the core issues together.

Why Are Relationships So Hard ?

The simple answer is that nobody taught us how to be skillful in love relationships. And the education we received from watching our parents and other adults while growing up gave most of us extremely unhealthy relationship templates and conditioning. Meanwhile, society’s commercialized and media-distorted images of love and relationship keep us comparing our real relationships with impossible ideals. It also doesn’t help that society generally values rationality while repressing feelings, which directly inhibits connection and intimacy. Let us show you how to break free of all that and meet each other at a whole new level.